Advanced Interior Manufacturers offers a complete selection of handcrafted commercial table tops. Wood tables, laminate, upholstered or zinc, whatever your preference, we build to your specifications. With a large array of wood edge profiles and unique table edgings, we are able to meet all your custom needs.


Our design specialists size all table tops for an exact fit to the booths, eliminating the guess work on special size tops. All tables are stained and finished to coordinate with the booths, chairs, and other millwork.


At AIM we guarantee to meet or exceed your expectations with the highest quality of booths, tables, bases and chairs. We are there for you from start to finish.

Table Tops
Self Edge
Self Edge
Wood Edge
Eased Edge
1/4" Wood Edge
Double Bulllnose Edge
Full Bulllnose Edge
45 Degree Angle Cut
Reserved 45 Degree Angle Cut
Half Bulllnose Edge
Laminate Strip
Multi-Rib Edge
Designer Edge
Waterfall Edge
Ogee Edge
Step Bulllnose Edge
3/4" Half Bulllnose Edge
3/4" Eased Edge
3/4" Full Bulllnose